RD Tech Systems, LLC

Small Business IT Sales & Service

RD Tech Systems offers a mix of core and extended IT Consulting Services for the CT Small Business. We use and recommend trusted business class products. Unlike those no-name "custom" built products which some companies still use, there is no wondering what parts are being used in what and when support is needed, it's a much simpler process. We combine 25 plus years experience from corporate and small business Information Technology support arenas with one basic goal in mind, and to achieve it with honesty and sincerity. 

Our goal is to obtain absolute customer satisfaction while providing quality services, solutions and products so your focus can remain where it belongs, on running your business. While others may focus on medium to larger size businesses, we make your small business our priority!

From troubleshooting everyday issues and speeding up sluggish PCs with our proven maintenance routines, to installing or replacing entire networks, we aren't satisfied until you are! 

Examples of some businesses we currently serve include Dentistry with focus on the Dentrix and Dexis software suites along with other medical. We're also serving Accounting, Engineering, Insurance, Tool & Machining, HVAC, Automotive, Legal, Realty and several others.

In the corporate world, RD Tech Systems founder, Robert DeFazio has created and/or managed several successful customer-facing technical support teams driven by and adhering to SLA Metrics and Customer Satisfaction Survey Results. He's supported Local Area Networks (LANs) and personal computers since the early 1990s. He has several years of experience supporting diverse CT small businesses, each having its own needs and requirements. In today's world of so many different technologies and new ones emerging every day, setting clear expectations and managing them consistently is the key to building the trust required in this type of relationship.

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